“A small but significant difference”



TENDO is a tool that makes packing convenient. TENDO prevents pain on the wrist based on the blade angle and handle and improves durability and grip with the urethane material. Details have been added to the product with chrome-plated finishing on the blade, including two-tone color and solid and refined image. TENDO is a product that perfectly harmonizes ergonomics and sensibility engineering. The product was developed to meet user needs and sensibility.


TENDO is a tape dispenser and cutting tool brand. Through the 10˚ (ten-degree) angle to the existing straight dispenser blade, a user can easily cut tape. TENDO also has the core function of easing wrist pain. To make consumers recognize such feature and merit of the product more strongly, it was named TENDO [English (Ten)+Korean (Do: degrees)].The tape dispenser was named in English to develop it as a global brand.


The logo mark of TENDO was developed under the concept of brand image creation offering differentiated, tough, and reliable image from the visual aspect. The letter N in TENDO is shaped like a blade’s oblique line to symbolize a strong, sharp cutting tool, and it expresses the will to stand out in the industry. By adding the symbol of angle “ ˚ ”, the characteristics of the product are revealed symbolically. Meaning of the color : Passion, vitality, love, dynamism, boldness, and intensity

  • Basic type: Product
  • Application cut: For editing, The use and characteristics of the product are expressed by shaping the image of tape cut with 10˚.(※ The tape is cut in a straight shape without slope.)
  • Korean alphabet type, By shaping the cut with an oblique line of the blade on the character “텐,” a strong, sharp cutting tool is symbolized, and the logo presents such symbolization with unique and modern sensation.

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