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Greeting, which is YEONJININC

Under the slogan “Small but clear difference,” YEONJININC aims to make a remarkable product that helps humans beyond simply making a money-making product.We concentrate on R&Dto develop products to provide more convenience to our users.On the basis of abundant development experiences of over 20 years, YEONJININC endeavors to become a company that grows together with users to make products with efficiency and productivity. YEONJININC is dedicated to making efforts continuously for better products considering consumers.

From all employees of YEONJININC

Business Philosophy

Management Philosophy and mission and vision of the YEONJININC

“Making remarkable products that help humanity”
No. 1 company in 2017 global user satisfaction
Challenge & Passion
We will keep challenging ourselves and achieving with ceaseless passion under the business philosophy ”A person who does not challenge himself obtains nothing.”
Righteousness Management
We pursue the sincere and right path in everything while maintaining honor with good heart and proper behavior.
Creation & Innovation
To offer premium values and satisfaction to users, we will think differently and work in an innovative, creative way.
Win-Win Management
We make every endeavor for the prosperity of partner firms, country, and humankind with the mindset of living together as members of society.
All our employees will do their utmost for YEONJININC to become a top-class company with great passion and endless thirst for challenge.



  1. 2013, Applied for tape dispenser invention patent
  2. 2014, Applied for international PCT invention patent
  3. 2014, Completed brand naming, CI/BI development, registered design right and trademark right
  4. 2015, Participated in the COEX Seoul International Sourcing Fair
  5. 2015, Relocated to the BI Center of the Seoul National University of Science and Technology (relocation of office)
  6. 2015, Took part in the US IINPEX, Pittsburgh – Premium tape dispenser Tendo won the gold prize
  7. 2015, Participated in the KINTEX Korea Sales Channel Fair
  8. 2015, Selected as one of Korean SMEs’ 500 hit products
  9. 2015, Participated in the Japan Tokyo Gift Show (Odaiba Big Sight Exhibition Center)
  10. 2015, Awarded the President’s Award by the Korean Stationery Business Association at the Seoul New International Stationery Product Contest
  11. 2015, Attended the Seoul International Stationery & Office 2015
  12. 2015, Won a bronze prize at the German International Exhibition iENA
  13. 2015, TENDO awarded the Korean Invention Promotion Association President’s prize at the 2015 Korean Good Trademark Contest
  14. 2015, Tape dispenser won two gold prizes at the Seoul International Invention Fair
  15. 2015, Selected as Korea’s good design by the Korea Institute of Design Promotion
  16. 2016, Selected as the best SME by the Korean Economic Daily
  17. 2016, Awarded the Korean Intellectual Property Office President’s award at the 2016 SME Technology/Patent Product Exhibition
  18. 2016, Participated in the Korean Sales Channel Exhibition for Excellent SMEs
  19. 2016, Took part in the 27th Tokyo International Stationery & Office
  20. 2016, ISO 9001 / ISO 14001-certified
  21. 2016, Participated in the Seoul International Stationery & Office 2016
  22. 2016, Awarded the Trade, Industry, and Energy Minister’s award at the Seoul New International Stationery Product Contest 2016
  23. 2016, Took part in the 2016 Hong Kong Mega Show
  24. 2016, Participated in the G-Fair at the KINTEX Excellent SMEs Convention

Corporate Identity


The logo mark of YEONJININC was developed under the concept of differentiated, reliable, and refined corporate image creation from the visual aspect. The “i” part in YEONJINiNC and 연진iNC has the shape of a human emphasizing the red color, expressing our will to become a company that puts top priority on humans and continuously showing passion.



Company name YEONJININC
Location 331, BI Center, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, 232. Gongneung-ro, Nowon-Ggu, Seoul, Korea
Tel. +82) 2-6258-5588 / www.tendo.co.kr
Inquiry Tel) 02-6258-5588
E-mail) tendo@tendo.co.kr

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